Soulful with a touch of pop, Chloe Blackwell wins the heart of her listeners thanks to her strong and commanding voice. This 21 year old singer is currently based in London although she was originally from Midlands.

Emerging serves as her debut EP. This four track compilation comes with a collection of jazzy tracks that combine beautifully with an R&B/soul vibe. The record was released over at BandCamp last December 2011 and is available at a pay-what-you-want option.

The album is simple but it screams power and charm especially with Chloe’s voice. Starting with the┬ácut, Over It, the song is infused with gorgeous piano work. Chloe’s vocals soar beautifully with a poppish jazz vibe; creating a cool single that’s an easy favorite for any listener.

She follows it up with Hold Me Closer, a melodic track that peels away the heavier instruments and lets the singer’s soulful vocals shine through. Meanwhile, listeners are treated to a more R&B influenced cut in, Chasing Dust. The piano work complements Chloe’s little nuances and powerful singing. Finally, the EP is capped off with, I’m Alright.

Emerging is a short but intriguing record. Chloe Blackwell may be a new artist yet she definitely has the voice that can stand on its own. It’s worth checking out the EP and grabbing it for yourself.

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