Dear Ale…‘s self titled album offers a sound that will rock your socks off.

The musical duo was formed in early 2009 when singer/songwriter Arlo Cook teamed up with Melbourne drummer Adrian Van Bloom. Dear Ale’s music employs a unique blend of acoustic and rock with influences from Colin Hay, Ben Gibbard, Elliot Smith and Paul Dempsey. Their tracks exudes raw energy, fun and a lot of good vibes.

Rapid drum beats welcomes in Like a Collector. This opening song showcase an even mix of acoustic and rock. It’s a perfect start to introduce the duo’s genre. Glowing ukelele strings add a soothing flair to the track.

Carried Away traverses an edgier vibe with thicker acoustic tunes and stingy guitar solos. Arlo’s vocal power is suited to the track’s edgy sensibility.

Crocodile & Balloons opens with stretching tunes slowly building up into a quirky ensemble of strings and glowing harmonies. The incorporation of clever soothing ballads is perfectly placed throughout.

The duo gets more innovative on their closing track, Running on Wires with subtle tribal beats on the background. This piece is considerably slow compared to the other songs but it’s more stripped down and earthy.

Dear Ale… has a good sound to it. It’s enjoyable and evokes certain emotions from lines that talk about life experiences. The duo has succeeded in creating music with rich texture, style and emotions.

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