Have a knack for editing pictures and then uploading them on Facebook for all to see? Well, here is something that will fit your app needs to the maximum level and that is Pixlr-o-matic. It truly redefines the simplicity of 1-2-3 editing by making everything intuitive and simple.

The app was created by one of the Top Developers on the Android Market, AutoDesk Inc., who has made quite a few mind boggling productive apps in the pat and Pixlr-O-Matic definitely takes cue from the legacy.

This app makes the task of adding olden-age effects to images a total breeze. People fascinated with sending their pictures back-in-time will swear by this app and its fluid functionality. You can also layer filters, lighting and borders, to get the entire retro effect.

The user-interface of the app is really slick and shows black wooden flooring as the default theme. The options are straightforward and need no head scratching. Color filters get the job done really well and help with basic fixes straight of the bat with the inclusion of options such as amplify tone, cool it down, or add surreal shades to the pic.

The lighting effect adds drama, sparkle or grunge look for a better finish and a more convincing tone to the picture. The app provides the user with quite a neat set of border options and style to fit the tone of the picture and create a more dynamic rule of thirds in the photograph.

Overall, it is a great editing app that does the job above par. The results are good and unlike other mobile editors, it does not scale the picture to a petty 64kb retaining the sharpness of the original image.

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