Releasing their latest effort, Lost at Sea; it seems Splitter has picked a rather appropriate title for their latest record.

Fusing electronic and dance music, with a healthy dose of catchy beats; this is an album that’s worthy as a soundtrack to a chill night out with friends or if you simply feel like peeking out of the world’s kaleidoscope and getting lost in it.

This is the third record for the band. It was released in August 2011 and offered with a name-your-price option over at BandCamp.

The album contains 10 tracks that range between 2 minutes to 5 minutes in length. Filling each song with a mysterious, sometimes haunting feel; the album is mesmerizing in its atmosphere.

Opening with a short two minute single; The Wide Ocean is filled with pianos and eerie sonic beats that echo the vast, mysterious depths of the sea. It’s a great opening track as it easily transports listeners into the Splitter’s sound.

These German lads continue to impress listeners by providing tracks like Weit Weg, Nur Mit Dir, which is an awesome chill-out dance track. On the other hand, y-Teic Os (Feat. Elena), touches on a slightly trippy vibe while still showcasing the band’s ethereal ambient sound. A few other recommended cuts include MnR and final cut, the 8-bit inspired, Swimming with the Dolphins.

When listening to Lost At Sea, it’s easy to get swallowed up into the band’s mesmerizing sound. Listeners are treated to a great quality album that’s hard to come by these days even if you were paying for your music. Take a listen to this one especially if you’re into electro ambient music. Should be worth the download.

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