Andrew Jonathan’s self titled compilation is a seven track album of acoustic goodies. It is easy to the ear with a grunge like outfit to polish the commercial needs of the listeners.

Maintaining focus though can be a bit difficult because of the singer’s gruff tones suddenly springing out from time to time, but still, it doesn’t spoil the good music that it is.

William as the opening track drowns in metaphors but ensures a sing-along potential despite the deep lyricism. Gone For Good shows off Andrew’s love of open tunings that helps the guitar to sound full and warm for a fuzzy power ballad.

Love Won’t Forget Me has a nice harmonic intro that leads into a crisp acoustic guitar in a gorgeous manner and slowly builds up to a more energetic tone.

A great way to finish off this album is nothing more but emotionally inspired guitar playing matched by a deep, warm voice to bridge the gap of layered instrument playing and chorus of full long notes which is what Crooked Teeth did not fail to deliver.

The album has a very nice balance of beautiful vocalizations and guitar strumming that makes it very enjoyable to listen to.

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