Mr. & Mrs. Smith is not a spy duo making music on the side, it’s actually the pet project of model and songwriter, Hollis Smith. The album is a very low key folk record that’s perfect for bundling up beside the fireplace on a cold, winter day.

This 10 track album is only one of several compilations already released by the artist. Although the songs are quite simple, there’s a certain mysterious aura that circles most of the tracks. It’s this beauty that makes the album worth listening to over and over again.

Play it as background music as you read or as you work, it’s certainly a wonderful piece to complement your day. Crafting her own musical mix, Mr. & Mrs. Smith or Hollis Smith always enchants with her brand of acoustic folk music. From opening track, Paris, you gain a great sense of how ethereal and melodic Ms. Smith can become. With her hypnotizing 50s sounding vocals, she takes you on a quiet trip for the duration of the song.

It’s not just the melody that enthralls, it’s also the cryptic lyrics that make the cuts interesting. With lyrical ambiguity, drama and impressive vocals; it’s like an all-in-one package. Other tracks that make an impression include the moody, Sub Rosa; the quiet and short, Gentle Rain; and the spoken word number, A Collector’s Guidebook.

The entire album might seem too eclectic for some but it definitely has its touch. Personally, I love it. It’s a surreal piece that gives you a peek inside the singer’s passion and thoughts.¬†You can check out Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s other albums and singles. They are usually available at a name-your-price option. Definitely worth grabbing if you ask me.

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