A little different from what we usually feature here in Frostclick, Join The Circle by Aor Agni is a full-on, electronic, ambient/chillout compilation that chillout music lovers will surely enjoy.

Although there’s not much online about the artist except that they’re from France, the music speaks for itself.

Join The Circle beautifully combines meditative beats and soothing, moody yet sporadic lyrics; perfectly capturing a relaxing mood. Formed back in 2003, the group makes use of several samples on this record, including songs from Central Station and Freesound Project.

Listening to the entire record is actually quite relaxing. Starting with, Allez Ma’ Africa, the song easily sets the pace for the listener. It also provides a nice overview of what most can expect from the record. On the other hand, Bangalore Flavours incorporates nice percussions and an overall ethnic vibe. I love how it sounds like a special ritual dance soundtrack by some forgotten tribe.

Adding a touch of whimsy, Last Call, has a short 8-bit run near the end of the track. The song is  mostly a moody mix of synths, bass, hand claps with the occasional spoken word.  It’s finally capped off with a nature-infused cut titled, Ybran The Shaman. The longest track on the record, it spans 8 minutes. Much of it features animal sounds, which provide a sonic experience for listeners. It’s like taking a walk in a wooded forest with nothing but nature sounds all around you.

Overall, the record is definitely interesting. It’s a calming, relaxing piece you can listen to for meditation or if you’re looking for something unobtrusive to become the soundtrack to your day. You can grab the free download right from Jamendo.

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