Bashe: Open Up (Slowly)

Be ready for an exhibition of pop and rock rolled into one with Open Up (Slowly) by BASHE. This album has six tracks that are suitable for listeners, who are looking for a different and dynamic music experience. It was recently released last April 10, 2014. But here is something you should now about this album, this is a slowed-down edit of BASHE’s debut album Open Up, which features each song at ¾ their regular speed.

Splitter: Lost At Sea

Releasing their latest effort, Lost at Sea; it seems Splitter has picked a rather appropriate title for their latest record. Fusing electronic and dance music, with a healthy dose of catchy beats; this is an album that's worthy as a soundtrack to a chill night out with friends or if you simply feel like peering out of the world's kaleidoscope and getting lost in it. This is the third record for the band. It was released in August 2011 and offered with a name-your-price option over at BandCamp.