CuzOH has already collaborated with a variety of famous artists including Grammy winners, and his music has found its way onto ESPN and CBS Sports. After the tremendous success of his debut, Everybody’s Favorite Cousin, the New York rapper returns to the scene with his latest 8-track project, Cuz I Can.


CuzOH makes it a point with his music to show his listeners that he’s as hard as they come. His aggressive lyricism and song titles like The G’s Theme and Porn Star serve as strong demonstrations of his tough persona. Fans of Outkast, Kanye West and 50 Cent may also find likenesses, both lyrically and in the production on certain tracks. Night Watch features CuzOH occasionally adopting 50 Cent’s slow rhythmic style of delivery, while on Porn Star, he can often sound strikingly like Kanye.

The EP, arguably, is at its best when CuzOH’s mellow rapping teams up with some smooth and airy production as displayed on the record’s first three tracks before he moves on to a more upbeat and explosive style. Good Enough and Landing Gear, on the other hand, finish the EP with Cuz cutting down on the “gansta” demeanor and embracing the voice of a passionate lover.

The EP on the whole is an enjoyable ride. Amusing wordplay, fluid rapping, and hard-hitting beats – CuzOH has it all.

Favorite Track: Night Watch


Track List
1. The G’s Theme
2. Night Watch
3. Wave Your Hands
4. Sleep When I’m Dead
5. Take You Home
6. Porn Star
7. Good Enough
8. Landing Gear

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