For dreamy soundscapes to perk up your mood, Sparks EP is a treasure trove. The man behind the sound is Ann Arbor, Michigan native, Jeremy Malvin or better known as Chrome Sparks.

This young producer is just starting out but he’s already making waves. Sparks EP is his latest effort and comes with 6 electro/dance tracks brandishing the producer’s skill to make any sound smooth and lush.

His first single Marijuana is far from a drug-infused weed track but actually a cut with beautiful samples, beats and just overall awesome sound. That’s something quite rare to find in today’s slew of beat producers.

Starting with Your Planet, Chrome Sparks easily wins you over to his fold. Even if you’re a novice and think that electronic music is the same old thing over and over again, the artist proves you wrong. Sure, there’s the repetitive nature of the sound but Chrome Sparks succeeds where many have failed; that’s creating electronic music and making it NOT boring.

Dig a little bit into the record and you’ll find that it’s quite refreshing. After hearing countless electronic compilations, this is probably the only one that doesn’t make me want to switch the music.

Sparks EP is a smooth compilation with surprisingly awesome tracks in it. There’s a good balance between traditional electronic sound and enough experimentation to keep everyone’s attention. Check out the record and if you like it, grab it. It’ll be worth it.

Track list:
1. Your Planet
2. Marijuana
3. Cosmic Claps Of Love
4. Send The Pain On
5. Gates To Heaven
6. Luna Luxor

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