There may be times when you need to record something and don’t want to attract attention. While video apps are common in mobile, few can compare with Background Video Recorder in terms of features and ease of use. The name says it all – you use this to record video in the background. One of the cool things about the app is you don’t have to keep the screen on to keep recording.

The simple interface lets you record HD video quickly and silently. One tap operations mean you can begin and terminate operations quickly. There is no shutter sound or flash so no one will notice you’re recording in the background.

There are only a few options you need to adjust. You can set the app to keep recording for as long as there is storage or set the start and end duration. You can also save the video file in your mobile or an external card.

The record button is within easy reach, though you can use a widget if you prefer. What sets this apart from the rest is you can go about your other tasks – including receive and end phone calls – while the recorder plays. With support for 480p, 720p and 1080p the results are crystal clear.

The maximum length for a video record is half an hour so that’s plenty considering this is a free app. So if you ever feel the need to record discreetly, this app will get the job done. It is straightforward and performance is reliable.

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