(Chemical Brothers, depeche mode, Madonna)

city of glass (200 x 200)

City of Glass: The Diving Bell EP

City of Glass easily captures that thin line between super pop and indie rock. Their sound is enveloped with almost everything that makes you want to dance around, head bob, stomp your feet and love indie pop rock even more. This Canadian duo have had a successful debut with their EP Equations, leading them to tour the Canadian circuit quite extensively. To gear up for their full length debut, they've released this teaser EP of sorts, The Diving Bell. Filled with 4 indie dance rock cuts, it's an EP worth listening to and checking out.
the bonny situation (200 x 200)

The Bonny Situation: Robot Says I Love You

Taking their name from the iconic movie Pulp Fiction, The Bonny Situation has definitely got one of the coolest names any indie film geek will recognize. The band itself is from Germany and have been around since 2007 with a slightly different lineup back then. Although the band admits that their sound is mostly consists of pop music, they do like to mix it up a bit; adding a little alternative and even new wave in there. Robot Says I Love You is a 2010 release from the group. Most of the tracks on the record were inspired by the contents of a 1978 diary from someone with the initials R.B.T.
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JoJo: Canít Take That Away From Me

The once young JoJo is now a woman and she proves it in her beautifully composed and executed album, Canít Take That Away From Me. Exclusively released last September 2010 to, this free mixtape is a prelude to the singerís third album formerly entitled All I Want Is Everything. The said album was then released as Jumping Trains under BlackGround records due to a misunderstanding with the songbirdís former record label.
tales of a dead fish

The Freak Fandango Orchestra: Tales Of A Dead Fish

Making their second appearance here in Frostclick, the gypsy folk, Barcelona band are back with a new record. The Freak Fandango Orchestra is an energetic and quirky bunch of musicians who like to play fun and unusual music. Their first record Love, Death and a Drunken Monkey was entertaining and came doused with beautiful instrument work and amusing lyrics. For their latest release, Tales of a Dead Fish, they retain their crazy upbeat sound, still incorporating humor, superb instrument work and a very catchy beat to every single one of their cuts.
Laminate Pet Animal- cover art

Snowmine: Laminate Pet Animal

Seldom do you encounter a band that has a distinct music palette, but Snowmine delivers more than that. Released last May 3, Laminate Pet Animal is made up of nine genre-bending tracks that live up to the band's eclectic music. Hailing from Brooklyn, the five piece collective composed of Grayson Sanders, Austin Mendenhall, Alex Beckmann, Jay Goodman and Calvin Pia have captured the attention of culture bloggers with their beautifully-arranged music. The kind of music that reminds you of The Smiths and the Yeasayer.
The_Rites_Of_Sausage-SQUARE (200 x 200)

Vernon Lenoir: The Rites of Sausage

For times when all you need is a funky and quirky party album, pop over Vernon Lenoir's The Rites of Sausage and you should be good to go. This crazy party album mixes loud beats, 8-bit pixel goodness and a dose of remade pop culture. The super talented composer/ sampling-genius has released several compilations from various netlabels like UpItUp, VM Recordings, and Ego Twister. This time around, he ventures over to Chinstrap Records and unloads his genius samples via The Rites of Sausage. From the Macarena to Inspector Gadget, the record is a sure mix of funky goodness.
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The Upstairs: Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi EP

Music is universal. Sometimes you don't need to understand or know a language just to appreciate a song. Take the Indonesian band The Upstairs' debut EP, Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi; just one listen and you'll adore the hipster new wave album even if you have no clue what they're singing about. This album is released under Yes No Wave record and is available for free download under a Creative Commons license. Mixing punk, dance, new wave and plenty of fun, the band released the record in celebration of Jakarta's Independence Day. It served as a present to their fans especially the ones that have been by the band's side since they first started.
bloody lovely audrey (200 x 200)

Bloody Lovely Audrey: Animal EP

If you love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and looking for an indie band alternative that comes close, Bloody Lovely Audrey should be first on your list. The band is made up of Sinead Curry - Vocals, Rob Cleary - Guitars, Andy Cavenagh - Bass and Seb Guajardo - Drums. In the words of their bassist, their sound would be the outcome "if Nirvana, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Queens of the Stone Age had a babyÖand drank heavily during the pregnancy." This is quite accurate since their music is a great blend of stoner rock, slight hipster with female-led vocals. You'd imagine them as playing in some cool downtown club with plenty of rock lovin' from the crowd.