(Chemical Brothers, depeche mode, Madonna)

Tha Boogie: Love Tha Boogie Vol.1 (Steal This Sh*t) [Extended Version]

Love Tha Boogie creates their new album with such confidence it seems no more of a shock than a new haircut. Hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, the urban pop trio of Korus, Lejin and NuSchool offers Love Tha Boogie Vol.1 (Steal This Sh*t) Extended Version - a collection of twelve upbeat songs that exude pure undeniable talent. The album comes as a free download over at Bandcamp, with some lovely bonus tracks so be sure to check it out!

Revolution, I Love You: We Choose to Go to the Moon

Philly based duo, Revolution, I Love You (R,ILY) comes out with their debut compilation We Choose to Go to the Moon. Despite being newcomers, they've been making quite the impression with their indie-electronic rock sound; motivating listeners to find out more about them after just one listen. Their 10-track album is filled with beautiful layers of synths, pianos and vocals. It's hard to believe sometimes that there's just two of them in the group instead of a full-on 3 or 5 piece. We Choose to Go to the Moon is essentially a hodge podge of pop, electronica, pop music and dance rolled into one lovely package.

Total Inspector: In Silico

Total Inspector's new release In Silico will transport you to a technicolor dream. This solo project is composed of five well-crafted tracks playing along the boundaries of experimental and electronic music. Daniel Felipe, better known as Total Inspector is an independent artist from Bogot, Colombia. He have loved and worked in music since 2003 and has collaborated with numerous local hip-hop bands. His tunes have also been played in local radio stations such as Radionica.

Thin White Lines: The Silent Voices EP

Fancy some alternative punk rock music? You can get your dose with Thin White Lines' latest release, The Silent Voices. The album came about after these Aussie natives got a little bit weary of the music they were making. They wanted something louder and edgier with a more punk rock feel, hence, they came up with this brand new explosive sound. This record is the band's debut EP. It comes hooked with 5 original singles which were all recorded in a matter of 2 days, mastered by the band members and then released back in February 2011.

Martin Parks: Thankful for Sound

Martin Parks isn't the name of a single artist. It's actually a duo made up of Roman Lee & Jacque Hammond. The merger of these two amazing artists equates a great sound revolution, much like their namesake being borrowed from two of the most well-known civil rights activists there ever was: Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Thankful for Sound is the duo's latest record. It's an album that creatively mixes hip hop, soul, jazz, R&B and even a bit of electronic dance. Thanks to this lush combination the album is exciting, upbeat and worth grabbing at first chance.

Republic of Lights: Go Rococo

After receiving a huge amount of praise and positive reviews for their album as well as live performances, Republic of Light seems to have had a good start on their musical journey. These Chicago natives created quite a bit of noise in the indie music world with their album Go Rococo. The crew is composed of Alan on vocals, Brian on guitars, Greg on keyboards and Rosie on guitars. Combining a flurry of indie pop, new wave, great lyrics and tons of catchy rhythm; the band is easily likable while the record is a great go-to album if you want something to keep your energy up and bouncing.

Nightlife: Radio

After their self-titled debut EP, Nightlife fans didn't have to wait long for a new album. Released last October 2011, the musical duo offers Radio, a collection of six glowing synthpop tracks. Meeting in early 2010 at a Michigan show house, Caroline Myrick and Darin Rajabian shared a mutual love for dance and pop-music. The duo soon produced songs that blended Caroline's soft vocals with Darin's classic electro tracks.

We Used To Exist: The Lights May Still Show

We Used to Exist is one of those bands you're lucky to come across in your search for awesome indie pop music online. The Lights May Still Show is the first album for the duo and it's sounding like a promising electro pop compilation. Made up of Timothy Lalonde and Dean Rostron, the two had to meet from across two different continents to record the album. They're currently based in Berlin, Germany and even though they are fairly new (just formed back in September 2011) the band is proving that they are worth watching out for.