Darin Rajabian and Caroline Myrick return to the FrostClick scene with their self-titled debut album released last January 2011. Nightlife-EP boasts six infectious tracks that are strictly more disco-sounding than their second album Radio which was also featured here.

There is a distinct brand in Nightlife’s music that you wouldn’t hear in any other band. The musical fusion of Darin’s euro-disco tunes and Caroline’s soft vocals make a solid foundation to the collection.

Put on your dancing shoes as Our Love opens up with electro beats and flavorful synthpop. Experience a steady party high with this disco-infused song.

Fever follows with an eclectic combination of glowing keys and deep, stretching tunes. This roughly-cut gem features much texture and sonic surprises.

Traversing a more electro aesthetic, Lightspeed is a repeatedly listenable piece. Steady chill-out beats touched with Caroline’s ethereal voice is a flavorful treat for the ears. Dancing Without Me, on the other hand, is sexy and edgy. I personally like Nightlife’s consistency on their music, creating a solid musical package for the duo.

Goodbye showcases a perfect contrast between sharp beats and eclectic, ambient melodies. Press play and let this track transport you to psychedelic universe.

The album closes up with Wait, a slower track with electro atmospherics. Caroline’s vocals shines through as Darin’s arrangement perfectly uplifts each element in every single way.

Nightlife has formed something brilliant here and it’s evident with the collection’s level of quality. This is the kind of EP that’s both funky and soothing. The tracks here evoke an infinite, chill-out dance that’s definitely worth a repeat.

This album is available as a pay-what-you-want/free download on bandcamp.

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