Tending Fires is a simple but engaging compilation that’s filled with lo-fi acoustic recordings from a four piece crew that call themselves, Wood Spider.

Playing a host of acoustic, punk, freak folk, the album is perfect for those midnight campfires in the middle of nowhere and moon-filled camp reveries with the guitar and friends. Their sound brings to mind Gogol Bordello with the wailing/screaming vocals of Max Bemis of Say Anything.

This is actually a split EP with Niko and the Juggler Meadow Family Band. It’s  a little over a year old and licensed under a Creative Commons License.

The first four tracks are from the group and they’re essentially pieces that are filled with high energy guitar strumming and chorus singing. Starting with the upbeat acoustic affair, Is it Strange?; the two minute single sounds like an impromptu jamming session between friends where various instruments are thrown in. This spontaneous feel adds to the tracks sense of urgency and fun. It’s a bit unusual but also quite enjoyable.

It’s followed by City Song and the more gypsy folk cut, Dark Eyes (in New Orleans). The latter combines violins with the banjo and some  pirate-sounding vocal work. Meanwhile, the final cut from the band is Oh, Eloise!, which is what I imagine drunk pirates would be jamming along to on the Black Pearl. It’s a beautiful, uptempo, raucous song that’ll put you in the mood for some jolly good time.

The rest of the tracks from Niko and the Juggler Meadow Family Band are equally perky and intriguing. Although it’s a bit more subdued compared to that of Wood Spider’s, they are an interesting band to check out as well.

If you’re looking for some fun music to relax to, this mini compilation would make great company. Go ahead and grab the free download over at BandCamp.

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