(Chemical Brothers, depeche mode, Madonna)

Mosh: Monarchy

I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you without any hesitation that Monarchy may just be the most grandiose electronic dance album you’ve heard in a while. Released November last year, this eleven-track collection is Mosh‘s most accomplished full-length album. With the rise of the electronic genre, a lot of musicians equalizes “electronic” with “dub-step”, but Mosh veers away from the bandwagon making its own blend of hip-hop, electro, and punk sound.


Turn up the volume and bathe in tribal dance tunes with OKAPI SUN‘s self-titled debut release. The group is named after the Okapia johnstoni, a giraffid artiodactyl mammal native to the Ituri Rainforest which decorates itself with its different stripes to become one with its surrounding. Just like the said animal, OKAPI SUN’s sound is described as a cut and paste of their past, their present, and their own culture and soul.

Brittany Campbell: Black Summer

Brittany Campbell's "Black Summer" is her second collection of self-produced bangers. The album is a simple yet enjoyable, as it takes us on a whirlwind journey of love songs, break-up diss-downs, and self-empowerment affirmations -- all presented in a funky format.

Wild Kids: Love Matters

‘Love matters’ so much that it has driven Wild Kids to come up with a fun debut EP. The Winnipeg-based duo, composed of Devin Frezzi on vocals and percussion and Sid Bellinger on guitars and bass, recently released the pompous collection Love Matters, and it sounds like 80s pop set to dubstep.

Anhayla: If I Was

Combine alternative hip hop, r&b, and a healthy dose of rhythm & blues, and you get Anhayla's latest mixtape entitled If I Was. Hailing from Richmond, Va, Anhayla Stanley was originally born in Norfolk and began singing as early as five years in church. As stated on her website, music was a childhood friend she kept throughout adulthood.

United Noise: Remix Theory

If you're up for some industrial music, you'll find something to enjoy from this record by United Noise. Creating a dark, atmospheric, almost Rammstein vibe, Remix Theory is a complex album filled with synaptic beats and pulsating rhythms. The album was released back in 2011 and is described by the creators as "a remix album from a bunch of mental electro industrial techno heads who live in Scotland."

Birdview: June EP

Continuing on with their tradition of releasing one compilation per month, the Birdview crew is at it again with their June release. June EP is a huge set consisting of 22 tracks, mixed and done by some of the best underground producers all over the world. They each contribute to create and release a free album for fans of underground, experimental, techno, dub and hip hop to name a few. This June compilation features the same fresh and innovative sound; something you would expect from talented producers and mixers.