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The Likes of Us

Pop acoustic duo Benj Hear and Katrina Stone, better known as The Likes of Us, cooks up sonic goodies to treat old and new fans. In this ten-track, self-titled ... Read More

MajorLOVE: Story

Here are some fresh indie-pop tunes from MajorLOVE. In her EP titled Story, the Phoenix-based songstress offers five tracks that have genuine appeal to electro-pop fans.

Sarah McGowan: Indian Summer

Summers in India are known to be very hot and humid, as the scorching sun makes your clothes cling to your sticky sweet skin. Good thing there is music like Sarah McGowan’s that feel like running an ice cube all over your skin. Her soothing music is a welcome relief when it becomes a little too hot to your liking.

Blue Roses (Sampler): Rachael Sage

Pop singer/songwriter Rachael Sage from New York graces the FrostClick scene with a five-track free sampler available via Noisetrade. The collection showcases the multi-instrumentalist’s clever and sophisticated writing as well as her vocal prowess that will enthrall old and new fans.

Rachel Thomasin: Microforms

Rachel Thomasin's stimulates our brain cells and get us in a better in her latest release, Microforms. The twenty-something songstress from Boston, Massachusetts paints the indie scene with vigorous colors of eclectic instrument and ambient pop melodies that are brushed to perfection. Rachel released her first EP in 2012 and has since then continued to create new pieces while at the same time performing live shows in various venues in New York and Boston.
City Light Soundtrack 2: Permanence

Carlos Castaño: Permanence City Light Soundtrack

Singer/songwriters have a penchant for writing about love, ad nasuem— But Carlos Castaño, a Filipino musician, armed with his acoustic-guitar-of-emotional-distress breathes new life into the subject with his vulnerability; combining crowd-pleasing beats with clever wordplay and an introspective take on what is evidently, his preferred subject matter.

The Hush Sound: The Triple Threat

Summer in December? Not a problem with The Hush Sound‘s new album, The Triple Threat, after taking a hiatus in 2008. As the name suggests, the collection features three pop pieces that traverses between the avenues of surf rock and pop.