Games for all the platforms

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout from Gameloft sets a new standard as far FPS on mobile is concerned. The graphics are very impressive, the storyline is compelling and the multiplayer and single player modes are both exciting. In addition, the customization provided here is extensive, thus increasing replayability.

Spider Man Unlimited

Spider Man Unlimited from Gameloft is an endless runner, but it also incorporates goals and objectives so there’s a lot of variety in the gameplay. The Sinister Six have just opened wormholes and are destroying the city, so Nick Fury has asked Spiderman to take care of the situation.

iKungfu Stickman Kungfu master

Stickman games are very popular on mobile today, and iKungfu Stickman Kungfu Master from Tofu Games is certainly a welcome addition to the list. While there’s no shortage of sidescroller games on Android, this title manages to stick out from the rest with its addictive gameplay that will have you coming back for more.

Does Not Commute

Does Not Commute is one of those games that’s difficult to categorize. On the surface, this title from Mediocre AB is a puzzle, but it’s also a driving game. There was a lot of buzz when this was first announced months back, and as it turns out it was justified, as Does Not Commute is one of the most original games on mobile.

Don’t Stop the Creeps

Don’t Stop the Creeps by Tigrido is reminiscent of classic retro titles, combining classic elements with some modern trimmings. If you’ve played old mobile games before, the look and feel of Don’t Stop the Creeps will be very familiar, and if not it will serve as a good introduction to the genre. It’s simple, easy to pick and play, great for casual gamers.

Mr. Jump

Mr. Jump from 1Button SARL is a seemingly simple game: it’s a sidescroller and as the name implies, your characters needs to jump from platform to the next. It’s a very easy game to pick up, but as is always the case with these retro style games, it’s a bit more challenging than that.

Mmm Fingers

Sometimes games don’t need to be complex to be fun, and Mmm Fingers from Noddlecake Games certainly fits the bill. Here you just move your finger across the screen of your mobile device and try to keep it from getting chopped off. Yes, the game doesn’t sound too complicated and it isn’t, and that’s part of the charm.