Lords Mobile from IGG is a real time strategy game with PvP battles and multiplayer elements. The basic concept is something gamers will be familiar with: build an empire, train your forces, recruit warriors and conquer. While the controls are not that different from other strategy games, the gameplay requires more strategy.

Your main objective is to destroy your enemy’s fortress, but while this is done in autoplay, the success or failure depends on how well you trained your army, so strategy is crucial. As mentioned earlier, you can recruit warriors or heroes to serve your cause. Each hero comes with their own ability, so making the right decisions here is crucial as well. Since Lords Mobile is an RPG game, you’ll need to devote time to building and gathering resources, with food, ore, timber and stone being your primary objectives.

Energy is longer than in most mobile RPG games, and with auto battle you don’t need to wait long before you can play. The learning curve isn’t long as you just need to construct your base and go after the enemy. Once you’ve gotten used to the gameplay you can start competing against others and see how you do on the leaderboard.

If you’ve played other mobile RPG games before, Lords Mobile is something you’ll catch onto quickly, and even if it is your first time to play these types of games, the tutorial at the start will get you up to speed pretty quickly. If you like strategy games then Lords Mobile is worth a download.

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