Games for all the platforms

FlightGear – free flight simulator software/game

FlightGear Flight Simulator or simply Flightgear is an amazing flight simulator that you can use if you want to know how to fly an aircraft. Even though it's tagged as a game, it's actually a program that doesn't contain any gameplay strategies. It's purely a flight simulator that will help you become familiar with flying almost any type of aircraft. The software runs on almost all types of platforms including Linux, Mac, BSDUNIX, Sun-OS and of course , Windows. It's the perfect software to relax to if you're tired of rolling in the ground and running for your life while playing various video games. FlightGear contains plenty of options when it comes to aircraft choice and more are still being developed.

The Legend of Mazzeroth – massive 2D MMORPG

For all those mmorpg fans out there, here's another game that you can add to your growing list of favorite role playing games, The Legend of Mazzeroth. Playing this game will take you to a high quality 2D world where you set on a quest to discover your hidden powers as well as find out why a shift in balance is happening. Despite its typical storyline, The Legend of Mazzeroth provides a fun, high quality environment where you fight off dragons and hone your skills. As of the moment, the game is being developed fully as an offline game and will then be converted into an online game.

Hedgewars – free multi-platform game similar to Worms

If you were born in a generation where Worms was considered a near equivalent to Mario, then you might want to check Hedgewars. It's basically the same game except that you are not a worm and it works great in most platforms. Old versions of the Worms game won't work at all on Vista and most of the current systems today. Even though it's essentially a Worms clone, it is awesome. It features really smooth gameplay and graphics are pretty good. Plus, it will definitely give players a great time.

The Adventures of Fatman – 2D adventure comedy game

Thanks to advancements in technology, we can now experience gaming at its best, with great game engines that render realistic looking characters and scenes. However, occasionally, we like to relax and simply enjoy watching a fat, jobless guy in a Batman suit, fight crime. Such is the premise for The Adventures of Fatman. The game was created back in May 2003 by Michael Doak. It's a point and click 2D adventure game that follows the exploits of hero Fatman as he tries to protect Shadowlawn from evildoers.

PokerTH – open source game that lets you play Texas Hold’em all you want!

Can't get enough of Thursday night poker with friends and family? Then why not polish up your skills and have awesome fun at the same time all throughout the week with PokerTH. This is an open source poker game created from C++/QT4. Almost every one will agree that Texas Hold'Em is perhaps the most popular variant of poker. Thus, PokerTH gives you a chance to play this game against up to 6 computer opponents. If you don't like playing against bots and find it too predictable, then you can easily play the game with other players all across the world. The software is available under a Windows, Linux and Mac platform, so there is no reason not to get it if you are an absolute Texas Hold'em lover.

Grid Wars – great Geometry Wars clone for free

Never thought that a programmer's art could be appealing? Then let Grid Wars prove you wrong. Grid Wars is a free game that's based on the minigame Geometry Wars. Despite its simple aim and shoot gameplay, it is one of the most entertaining shooting games around. With simple gameplay, colorful graphics and straightforward controls, the game is a definite winner. It has been tagged as one of the "most fun shooting games" around and pretty much you'll understand why once you start playing it.

Nexuiz – free first person shooter game

Another 3D death match game that you can enjoy. Dying to shoot some alien scum or simply pass off a lazy Saturday afternoon? Give Nexuiz a try. It's an open source 3D deathmatch game created by Alientrap. Development for the game started back in 2002 and until now it's still gaining a lot of favorable responses from gamers. Nexuiz can run on different kinds of platforms including Mac and Linux, aside from the traditional Windows. Players can choose from several different game modes from CTF, deathmatch, domination and of course, single player campaigns which will lead players to survive through 20 levels of chaos.

BZ Flag – fun 3D battle tank game

Battle City game? Why not try this game out instead. BZ Flag is a fun 3d tank battle game which lets players go against each other in a network. Essentially, the rules are simple. You get 5 teams, red, blue, green, purple and black (rouge tanks). You score a win if you blow up the tank of the other team while you score a loss if you hit your own team member. Simple, right? Despite the simplistic gameplay, BZ Flag is surprisingly an addictive and entertaining game. It's a great way to beat the stress of if you're simply hanging out with a few buddies and have nothing better to do.

Pingus – open source Lemmings-like game

Ever got addicted to Lemmings when you were younger? Now, you can get the same game play only this time, you have Penguins to deal with. Pingus is a very entertaining open source game designed initially as a free Lemmings clone. However, throughout the years, the game has grown and now features over 22 levels, original artwork, new actions and multiplayer options. Basically, just like Lemmings, your main goal is to guide a group of Penguins from point A to point B. To make it challenging, there will be tons of obstacles preventing you from doing so. It's your job to reign the penguins in, so to speak, and make them follow your instructions.