Despite the awesome new graphics available in most game systems of today, there is still something great about playing a classic arcade style game. If you feel the same way, then Rocks’n’ Diamonds is one arcade style game that you might want to try.

This game is a free remake of Boulder Dash. It’s one of those games that will help you lose track of time as you manipulate the little guy to get the diamond without getting hit by the rocks. True to any arcade game, the gameplay is pretty simple. All you have to do is maneuver the little guy into getting all of the diamonds. Of course, you have to take care not to get hit by falling rocks or what seem to look like boulders. Aside from the rocks, you need to watch out for falling walls as well.¬†Once you have gotten all of the diamonds, you can proceed to the next level.

The graphics for the game is pretty simple and 2D, but for those who love this look, then there won’t be any problem. The colors are pretty eye-popping and you have the little guy dressed in yellow so that you can easily spot him.

Overall, the graphics and gameplay make this game a fun and challenging way to pass of the time. Most of those who have played the game before simply love all the great memories it triggers of the old days when games weren’t so complicated; while younger players like the idea of trying out something so different than what they are normally used to.

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