This is for all the classic fanboys and fangirls out there who have a fascination for beat ’em up games. Super Vampire Ninja Zero is a 2D game where you play a female ninja with serious martial art chops. You basically kill the various undead creatures looking to get a piece of you.

The game features several modes of gameplay including Normal Mode, Time Attack and Survival Mode, to name a few. Super Vampire Ninja Zero is produced by Batovi Studio in Montevido. Like many classic games, you fight a seemingly endless horde of enemies coming at you from different parts. You can create mid-air combos and various punching sequences. Aside from the entertaining gameplay, the  thing about this particular game is that it can be played using the XO system.

If you are not familiar, the XO system is what is used in the infamous $100 laptops that is being distributed under the One Laptop Per Child Program. Although some people might be a bit hesitant about getting more children hooked into games like this, it is a pretty interesting thought.

The game is pretty light and actually downloads for only 6MB! Even better is that even if your connection goes down, you can still play this game. Perfect if you are excessively bored or just want something to pass the time.

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