Mental Repairs Inc. is perhaps one of the few true blue psychology games out there. It is the second game from German indie developer Renzo “Eshaktaar” Thönen and it’s as promising as his first game, Murder in a Wheel.

Mental Repairs Inc., lets you play a “machine psychiatrist,” allowing you to assess and fix the mental state of machinery around you. Yes, machines are equipped with A.I. in the future so your job is to make sure that they are in the proper mental state.

The game is set in a future where machines are capable of thinking and fixing some minor problems that they encounter. You play Henrik Liaw,  helping and repairing machines is your main line of work. One night you get called out since the main computer of a local business is having a nervous breakdown. Unfortunately, you get locked inside and with only a few items at your disposal; you have to figure  a way out.

As you explore the building, you encounter other machines that are plagued with depression, multiple disorder or simply insecurity issues. Each problem will involve no time limits or other action based gameplay, instead, it just requires you to think about how to fix the machine. Despite the seriousness of some of the puzzles, it’s actually a very lighthearted game. The character itself is quick to drop a joke or two and can be quite funny.

Mental Repairs Inc., provides a point and click interface which is easy to use and the graphics are impressive, oftentimes even better than ones you would find in the market.

Overall, the game is definitely worth playing. You’ll likely love the characters and have fun playing it. Besides, it’s all for free!

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