Grace Valhalla is a young, fresh female French DJ & composer. To date, she’s released four albums – “psychopathethic” is her first one. Out of all four, “psychopathethic” is the most influenced by rock music. The second album entitled “PEAK~” is definitely more on the electronic side, while the third, “Wire”, is a mix between the first two. Her newest album, “summerCamp”, has more of a pop feel to it and is the most upbeat and positive. Make sure to check out all four of them!


On of her Jamendo fans (who reviewed all four of her albums), bizun_, gave it this rave review:

The Author said, this is a compilation of “side B” tunes, that didn’t fit to previous albums or needed remastering — I think, this self-depreciation biased judgement of some reviewers of this album, as I think, from all the three this one is the best. From the very beginning: rash me is readily recognisable tune; still noxed wins my heart by passionate guitar solo; Abyss and fresh are attracting with experiment on sound and editing, where ammoniac is a bit psychedelic in harmonies and sounds (“meow!”). The closing tune, jim, takes us back to the minimal setup know from album psychopathetic: drum machine, bass and guitar — but this time with brief vocal samples. Will we have a bit more of it in the future? Overall: another Must-have on the shelve. I’ll give nine stars! => Once again, after Robotnicka in 2004, French female artist has left me stunned. I allow my self to paraphrase words from Robotnicka’s Spectre en vue review by Franklin Bruno. Grace –You do, what the French are conventionally thought incapable of: You rock.

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