Folk rock singer-songwriter wizardlizard churns out well-penned tracks for easy listening all the way from Canada. In her latest album titled violent feel, Maddi Keiver a.k.a. wizardlizard explores the beauty of restrained, subtle musicality and well-penned verses to make a seven-track album that touches the hearts.


Manned with an acoustic guitar, the album opens up with good N gone. This almost three-minute track has that surf rock sensibility that transports listeners to scenes of waves and endless summer.

Hopeful (Tell Me When) slows the album’s tone with soothing melodies accompanied with raw guitar strumming. Press play and let wizarlizard’s sweet yet powerful voice serenade your ears.

Utilizing thicker guitar melodies, the blues sheds a dash of rhythmic energy and heartfelt lyricism. Look ahead wraps up the album with a soothing folk delivery that feels like a warm embrace in every play.

All in all, violent feel by wizarlizad is a comforting folk album that sinks deep into the skin while making you feel at home. The seven tracks in this album, though not that polished, gives a hint on wizarlizard‘s great potential as a budding folk rock artist on the indie landscape.

1. good N gone
2. Hopeful (Tell Me When)
3. Souls
4. not your baby
5. the blues
6. You don’t get it
7. look ahead

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