This week, listen to something new and Meet Yael Meyer, which is also the title of the LA-based songstress’ special edition EP released via Noisetrade. Fans of Sara Bareilles and Regina Spektor may celebrate as this collection features five flavorful pop tunes that spin the word “fun” into a whole new sound.

Yael Meyer opens the EP with a celebration of charming folk arrangement and rhythmic beats in Warrior Heart. This piece sets a positive mood to the listeners, making it a perfect start to kick off your morning before facing the daily grind. Yael’s voice has a breezy charm that makes listening to her a pleasant, weightless experience.


Shed Their Fear follows the spotlight with a handful of dreamy melodies laden with Yael’s sweet, thin voice. The song highlights Yael’s ability to choose materials that suit her skill set, bringing forth harmonious tones that flows naturally to the ears.

Folk soundscapes and drum-induced melodies in Everything Will Be Alright take us to weekend road trips and memories of early rainy mornings. Listen as each note work hand-in-hand to produce light and nostalgic melodies that are romanced with fluttering keys.

In this EP, Yael Meyer has clearly shown a great introspection and understanding of her sound and talent as a musician, creating pristine tracks that are organic and effortlessly beautiful.

Track List:
1. Warrior Heart
2. Shed Their Fear
3. Everything Will Be Alright
4. When the Road Ends (Friends) – Acoustic **Exclusive album version
5. Warrior Heart – Acoustic **Exclusive bonus track

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