Monk Turner’s Love Story is a fascinating concept album. It is a tale of romance that uses the Buddhist Tale of The Ten Bulls as its structure. Each track corresponds to the 10 parts of the classic Buddhist analogy so it will enhance your enjoyment of the album by first reading the tale. However Monk’s songs are entertaining enough on their own.

They begin with a rap pastiche titled “Get up, Do Your Thing” which is a bit over-the-top but sweeter ballads like “Wave a White Flag (Surrender)” are on the mark and has a a bit of a Prince influence. My favorite track is the cute 50s tribute titled “We Do This All The Time”. This is a clever and fun album.

<a href="">Get up, Do Your Thing by Monk Turner</a>

The album is available in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis format. You can find other Monk Turner albums on his MySpace page but in my opinion, Love Story is by far the best of the lot for the clever songs and the intriguing concept.

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