How Cliche is a rap/hip-hop album coming to us straight from Denver, Colorado. Created by AG Flux of Black Mask and A.V.I.U.S. of Prime Element, the music will surely hit the right spots. It’s cleaver rhymes and lyrics, free flowing instrumental breaks all tied up by the more old-school beats, might just make you hit play again. Give it a go.

In the words of the artist…

We take you through Cliché sayings in everyday life. Picking phrases that best relate to each of us, while keeping the subject relatable. Some tracks are extremely close and personal with other songs addressing the basic concepts of these overused terms. What one might find “Cliché”, another will say is a great refreshing philosophy to live by. So we tried to explore the positive reach and negative stigma that these words receive.

Most of the tracks on this 8 track concept album are a smooth sailing; the sounds might not reflect the true traditional hip-hop some of us grew up with, but then again almost non of the music out there these days does. How Cliché might be a bit more mainstream but it does not disappoint. Hit play on the below Finish What I Started and get in the game.

Track List:
1. How Cliché 03:21
2. Patience is a virtue 03:04
3. Grass is always greener 03:10
4. Glass half full-half empty 03:50
5. Childs play 02:57
6. Finish what I started 02:49
7. Skating on thin ice (Prod. by Shuko) 02:35
8. Water under the bridge Ft. Sharell 04:08

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