The Lost Children Netlabel and The Silent Ballet have teamed up again to present some of the most talented but yet to be discovered musicians around the world. As the album’s title says, they are now on “Volume XIV.”

There are 12 tracks in this compilation album of ambient-electronic music. The tracks are combination of relaxing and emotionally stimulating music, but it is predominantly trance. Some tracks have a far more intense energy than others, so I am not quite sure whether I’d be playing that as background music for a “quiet me time.” Most tracks, however, are decidedly soothing.

I especially liked the music of The Sight Below (Fervent) and Nervous Doll Dancing (Le Pommes). It is trance music fused with electronic touch and classical vibe that is perfect for quiet meditation, even yoga. Key Control (Radiant City) was a little bit out of place in the compilation, because it is the one song that I will not use for quiet contemplation. However, it is the kind of music that I am likely to play to wake me up when I get drowzy after lunch. The album runs for 75 minutes, good for warming up one’s senses early in the day.

For the previous volumes, it is best to check The Silent Ballet’s Website. The first volume sounds very interesting, it is called “Volume I: Poetry Without Words.” You should check it out, as well.

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