Austin-based band Wild Child uses the trick possible to create a short yet whimsical journey of alternative pop melodies.

Wild Child’s music is raw and straight from the heart. The brainchild of Alexander Beggins (ukelele), Kelsey Wilson (violins, vocals), Evan Magers (keyboard), Sadie Wolfe (cello), Chris D’Annunzio (bass), Drew Brunetti (drums) and Matt Bradshaw (trumpet), this indie band from Texas does not disappoint fans with its upbeat, energized music packed with lush pop influences.


Featuring six tracks, Past & Present┬áis a well-curated collection that features Wild Child‘s hits over the years plus two new tracks in their new album.

First in this collection is Fools, the carrier single from their new album with the same title. Here, Wild Child welcomes the ears with Kelsey Wilson’s sweet yet sharp voice that flutters among punctuated drum beats.

Bullets follow in a more theatrical flair by using classical instruments like the violin to produce playful, high-spirited melodies. Kelsey’s subtle angelic voice compliments the arrangement, creating a magical gem that’s easy to the ears.

Meanwhile, Silly Things closes the collection with hushed acoustic strings that sway the listener into a state of sonic bliss.

What makes Wild Child unforgettable is its ability to create a positive mood throughout the album. Each track highlights a different use of instrument or arrangement, but still sticks to making the listeners feel uplifted after every note.

Track List:
1. Fools
2. Bullets
3. Crazy Bird
4. Rillo Talk
5. Pillow Talk
6. Silly Things

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