This album is a compilation of tracks from new, unsigned & independent artists featured at UARADIO.NET. It’s also the second rock compilation and the fifth release from uaRADIO legally distributed over P2P network under Creative Commons license.
The tracks were selected from hundreds of independent rock recordings uploaded to the website and compiled into one compilation album so you can sample the breadth of the latest in independent rock.

Track Listing
Bensem – Constant Dream
9Lies- Touch the Sky
Awake!- Ocean
High Tone Shelter – Thella
Ratcliff Bailey – Big Enough
Eliot – Sin
Mike Lyzenga – Dying Day
Jason Hallacher – Shining
Cat Elder – Half Gone
Club Red – The Score
Awake! – Daylight

UARADIO.NET is an internet radio station that streams music by independent artists and unsigned bands. Their station reaches audiences all over the globe and is a great way to find new independent music.

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Creative Commons License