A ‘Karma Tree’ is springing up, and it offers a lot of goodies.

Swedish band Karma Tree is serving us up a plateful of tunes (really, a stunning 13 tracks) via its latest release, Always Near. They’re keeping it fairly simple with a squeaky-clean brand of experimental pop-rock – both accessible and eclectic at the same time.

The fun begins with “Do Whatever You Are Told“, a gleaming opener which takes things slowly through smoky vocals and hollow (the good kind) instrumentation. However, the pace picks up quickly on the upbeat offerings “Steven Glansberg” and “Dovestep“, two 90s-sounding incarnates that clearly show what genre these guys are at home with.

We’re brought back to the vibrant present with the soundtrack-ish “Everyone Forever“, and the post-pop (if there’s a term, but you get the thought ) “Rabbeats“, a tune which slightly takes a cue from the recent Random Access Memories release.

The heady “Tesla” will be the staff favorite, though, complete with the awesome progression at the middle. Needless to say, we’re sold on this record.

Track listing:

1. Do Whatever You Are Told
2. Steven Glansberg
3. Dovestep
4. Something Bold
5. Slowitchu
6. Everyone Forever
7. You Over There?
8. Rabbeats
9. So Silent
10. Snuggly Softness, Pt. 2
11. Always Near
12. Tesla
13. I’m Over Here

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