Multi Genre Compilation Vol. 6 brought to you by Unsigned Artist Radio Network

Too much in love with music? Seeking for something that’ll make your players and iPods sound unique, but cool? Looking for an album or compilation that will suit every music genre of your taste? Unsigned Artist Radio Network, under the license of Creative Commons, gives listeners this “Multi Genre Compilation.” This album is comprised of songs written and composed by artists promoted by This internet radio is very gracious enough to put together 11 songs that will surely make listeners thirst for more not only for the artists featured, but also for their other gifted talents.

Unsigned Artists Radio: The Best of Indie Rock Vol 2

This album is a compilation of tracks from new, unsigned & independent artists featured at UARADIO.NET. It's also the second rock compilation and the fifth release from uaRADIO legally distributed over P2P network under Creative Commons license. The tracks were selected from hundreds of independent rock recordings uploaded to the website and compiled into one compilation album so you can sample the breadth of the latest in independent rock.