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Drunk Souls is a totally independent fresh Reggae/Rock/Funk band from France. Most of their songs sound chill & fun, but there are definitely some dark compositions. The lyrics are always very insightful, meaningful and strong, oftentimes talking about tolerance and peace. I find the ever-present bass and the clean vocals to intensify the experience even more, but check them out for yourself.


DRUNKSOULS: Punk spirit, Rock culture, Reggae sound.

Very often qualified as a RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS « à la française », DRUNKSOULS is a totally independent French band composed by members from different origins and cultures. Their music is a patchwork of various influences which aims to make you dance as well as to make you think. (…)

It’s very difficult to define precisely the musical style of the DRUNKS , but their fans like to give them the ROCK N REGGAE label, certainly because ROCK and REGGAE are the foundations of their sound universe But with the DRUNKSOULS , no guarantee about the musical world they decided to make you visit. Their catching melodies, the charismatic voice of their leader and their powerful lyrics enabled them to touch thousands of people just by word of mouth (…)
Their first album “ON VERRA PLUS TARD” was released on February 2008. Don’t watch TV , listen to DRUNKSOULS…

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