Megaman Project X is a freeware version of the successful video game franchise Megaman. It lets you choose from 3 characters, Megaman, Zero or Bass, each has specialized weapons that can help you navigate through a particular stage. While Megaman is a sharp shooter, Bass is the only player that can wield a sword and slice through nearby enemies. Zero, on the other hand, has a long sword that can hack obstacles in the way.

Megaman Project X is a nice 2d adventure game that will remind you of who Megaman used to be before the 3d Megaman games we have today. In spite of being just a 2d game, Megaman Project X still easily wins its way over the more recent versions of Megaman. The challenge is to defeat the boss of each stage without depleting your life bar. Every time an enemy hits you, your life bar is decreased and unlike recent versions, you can’t have it replenished as effortlessly.

For a free version of the game, it surprisingly has many stages. They are not any easier, too. There were a couple of times when I had to repeat a particular scene over and over—and to think that I have finished a lot of Megaman video games already! The bosses aren’t easy either. With limited functionality, I barely got through the final boss. There are also no cheats for this game, so don’t expect to worm your way through time-set stages with difficulty bosses that easily!

In the end, I not only enjoyed this game but also realized exactly what made the Megaman video game franchise popular—the action-filled, simple but difficult sidescroller that features the most memorable robot characters in video game history!

This game comes to you by the efforts of Andrew-Traviss