Start your day with some beats lovin’ in Jo Def‘s Steps released under Soulection, an LA-based record label, radio show, and niche collective of creative music makers worldwide.

Featuring twelve bass-heavy tracks, Jo Def manages to combine west coast sound with traditional syncopated musings.

This infuse of soul and RnB is greatly reflected in Luh Luv. The song welcomes the ears with sexy, soulful beats that will surely put your groove on. The dynamic arrangement has the tendency to tickle your head with its catchy hooks that are both chill and energizing.

Embellished with some great vocal samples, Ready takes RnB to the next level, adding a kick of funky flavor to a well-loved genre.

Turn up the volume and steer away while Swim accompanies your lazy weekend drives. Listen as soulful tunes circle and reverberate with well-delivered vocals.

Static Juke is an epic party anthem, which mixes trippy beats and hip-hop samples. Feel your body sweat as you move to this energy-pumping track.

Leaning heavily on the soul department, My Heart fuses some tasteful piano arrangement with arranged RnB vocals.

Jo Def solidifies the whole album in his closing track Real Love, which highlights the musician’s stellar ability to hand pick great beats and arrange them into layers over layers of magnificent music.

Steps is an experimental collection that successfully dissolves the boundaries between genres without sacrificing aesthetic and style.

Listeners would want to dig this, not only because of its forward approach in music, but also because despite of its advances, it still keeps in mind that music should be up to the listener’s taste.

Track List:
1. Luh Luv
2. Ready
3. Swim
4. N My Mind
5. I Go
6. TookItThurr
7. Static Juke
8. Deep
9. Ask Anything
10. Yield Low
11. My Heart
12. Real Love

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