Indulge yourselves on The White Panda’s 50-minute continuous mash-up album. Jam-packed with crazy ecstatic beats, Bambooyah! will definitely blow the steam off the night.

Though the tracks may be brief snippets, every single one of them is a highlight. These are accentuated by the exciting diversions into psychedelic space.

On the first track, G.O.O.D.G.I.R.L.S, The White Panda puts in a short and forthright dialogue about what listeners should expect from the album, while the jumpy keyboards and jerky percussion are playing in the background.

We are all quite familiar with Survivor’s “eye of the tiger.” It is already a good song; but was made even better by White Tiger’s version, Tongue Tied Tiger. Mixing it with waves of rhythm and disco beats, the song is not only sing-able, but dance-able as well.


Taking the beats to the next level, White Panda created his own version of Chris Brown’s Yeah 3x—Yeah I’m In Love. In this snippet, The White Panda used a combo of RnB, hip-hop, and techno beats, which undeniably made the song stretched to a wider range.

From the 80’s to the 21st century, The White Panda proves that he can make any song from any era incomparable. Bambooyah! speaks for itself, giving you enough reasons to scream, party, and enjoy the night ahead while gyrating into the groovy and rapturous tunes of this mash-up album.

Track List:
1. G.O.O.D.G.I.R.L.S.
2. Tongue Tied Tiger
3. Dizzee Bump
4. Ignite Cherie
5. Give Me Kuduro
6. Pumped Up Again
7. Lose 2Nite
8. Children Of The Lights
9. Summit, Inc
10. Bittersweet Donald
11. Nightcity
12. Shook Beliefs
13. Roc Woman
14. Mo Free Mo Fallin’
15. Tell Me Polish Girl
16. Find Your D.A.N.C.E.
17. Knock Out Your Desires
18. Work The Army
19. We Found 2012
20. Yeah I’m In Love
21. Turn Marvin Gaye Down
22. Kryptonite Island
23. Lazerblow
24. Cold Overdrive
25. Racking In Unison
26. Look At Mozart Now
27. Kreayshawn The Insomniac
28. Deep In The Levels
29. Relax Mode
30. Save The Cobra
31. Till The Bromance Ends
32. Foolish Monsters
33. Wondersleep
34. Drop It Like Twilight
35. Midnight Life

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