Tei Shi‘s debut offering, Saudade, puts the spotlight on homegrown genre-less sound. With an affinity towards lush dream pop and airy 90s R&B, the indie songstress from Vancouver creates her music in a bubble of minimal yet haunting soundscapes, separating herself from the cultural sameness of the current sonic trends.

This year, Tei Shi entered the musical world with the hit song M&Ms, a soulful pop track that maneuvers the listeners to the nightmares and bliss of their imaginations. Listen as slow, pulsing beats and humming vocals create an out-of-this-world track in choreographed precision. Be sure to watch M&Ms’ stunning music video above, as it greatly reflects the distinct beauty of the song.

Next stop is Nevermind The End. Here, Tei Shi dresses in hues of electro pop with hints of folk strings. The song makes you feel like you are moving through a sea of bodies, creating an innovative blend between urban electro and folk pop.

Adder(f)all elevates our musical experience with a cacophony of haunting vocal samples. The piece showcases Tei Shi’s textured voice backed with shy hints of tambourine and throbbing beats.

One of my favorites (besides M&Ms) is Sickasfuck, which unravels the quirky/pop side of Tei Shi through charming lines that sound like it came fresh from the streets. With infectious fun vocals, this track will surely tickle your curiosity seconds after pressing play.


In a world where we are bombarded with faceless sounds that depend on the bling and shimmer, Tei Shi comes up with a devastatingly beautiful album devoid of any drama, leaving us looking at music in a whole new perspective.

Track List:
1. M&Ms
2. Nevermind The End
3. Adder(f)all
4. Sickasfuck
5. Nature vs Nurture
6. Heart Shaped Birthmark

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