Renard: Robot Brainstronaut Blastoff!!!

If you like techno, video game references, and ridiculously vibrant art covers, Robot Brainstronaut Blastoff is the prescription music you need to take. Produced and made exclusively by Renard (just one of his few aliases) through his personal, independent record label LapFox Trax, this Canadian electronic music extraordinaire sequences and mixes his tracks using state-of-the-art programs and equipment.

Vate: Volt

Vate, a Mexican electro-music artist, is one certainly to be recommended. From the very beginning of Volt, his latest record, one finds that it is a release that cannot be neglected. There are some Kraftwerk influences there, and Turismo, the first tune of the LP, is a Tour de France for the modern era, when car rallies replaces bicycle ones. Orient Stress follows, and it's been the most energetic one composed by Vate, almost an EBM piece with a highly recomme