“The maturation process is always ongoing, but we as a band have finally grown up. We are not worried about where we fit anymore. We are what we are,” says Macon Greyson. Further affirming their identity as a band is the newest EP called “This Machine Kills Hypocrisy”. The four-track album is a perfect mix of gritty rock and melodic country with no inhibitions and most importantly, no confusion. After nine years since its birth in a small bar in Dallas called Adair’s, Macon Greyson has finally found the right balance between a 70’s rock sound and a dollop of country dirt – true as ever to their Southern roots.

“This Machine Kills Hypocrisy” opens with “Pushing Strings”, a strong, catchy song interspersed with big guitar riffs. “Where We Are” is a little more laid-back with focus on the astute vocals. “Villains Kill Heroes” has a trippy beat with emphasis on the smooth bass line. The last song, “The Family” starts with twangy guitar riffs that continue throughout the song. Definitely a fitting send-off to summarize this really nice album.

What the band is about, according to them:

Macon Greyson has managed to marshal a strong seventies rock sound that has been seldom heard since the end of the Vietnam era. They give up a little country dirt (which can be expected from any band hailing from the fore-regions of Texas), but they mostly rely on the ability to warp their sound into an irrationally abandoned genre that deferred with the advent of computers. Whether you live and breathe garage rock like AC/DC or whether you are more of a subscriber to poignant ballads, Macon Greyson covers it. Quite simply- if all bands had Macon Greyson’s natural ability to combine activist lyrics with catchy melodies, the world would be better for it.

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