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pipedreamShort animated movies are nice ways to entertain you and your family. And getting a nice one for free is definitely an opportunity you’re sure to get.

From the producer of the original ‘musical fountain’ comes a single from a video album that’s sure to awe you while you watch it and listen to its accompanying music.

Watch animated steel balls come out of PVC tubes and shoot into various instruments. Pipe Dream makes animation look so easy with its great synchronization with every instrument in its music.

When you first hit that play button after downloading, you’d probably wonder what these pipes will be doing. But once the music starts and all those balls start filling up your screen, you would be thinking as to how they made the animation so synchronized with each instrument, each note, and each steel ball in the video.

Pipe Dream is a single from a VIDEO ALBUM and is featured in the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater Collection. This collection features the best computer animations that are carefully screened by jurors, which are then shown in the annual SIGGRAPH Conference.

Pipe Dream was made in a span two years – quite long for an almost four-minute animation track. However, once you’ve finished watching it, you’ll understand why it took two years just to finish this animation. Animusic really did a good job with this short animation. has written that proprietary animation software analyzes the music, and automatically drives the movement of the instruments for highly accurate and efficient animation. This technically explains the great synchronization of each note that is played by each instrument in the movie. Steel balls shooting out of PVCs and then hitting the drums, xylophones and other instruments in great precision and synchronization is really like eye candies. There was no traditional keyframing used in this animation, which makes it more incredible.

This is one animated video that you’d love to show to kids and even kids-at-heart. They’ll surely enjoy it. I know I did.

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