Here Be Dragons is a helpful 40 minute film on critical thinking. Created by Brian Dunning, it is a series aimed for general audiences and those that are looking to be more discriminative of the things offered to them.

Here Be Dragons pretty much centers on critical thinking directed towards marketing and other presentations done by the mass media. If you are simply tired of getting dissuaded into thinking that a particular product can do wonders for you, here’s how you can avoid making the same mistake again. All you really need to do is apply a bit of critical thinking.

Brian Dunning aims to divulge the reality behind “paranormal and pseudoscientific claims without critique as they are promoted by the mass media.” Pretty much this 40 minute video/documentary aims to unveil the various flaws of pseudoscience and showcases how a person can identify the truth just by making use of critical thinking.

Some of the main points that Dunning tackles in the video includes the many points to identify pseudoscience which includes  the red herring, the confirmation bias, the mystical energy, confuse correlation with causation etc.

These might seem like big words especially to those who simply hate bringing up a dictionary every time they encounter big words. Rest assured, however, that the video is much easier to digest. If you can move past the fact that it can be boring at times especially if you are not much of a listener, it can be quite enlightening if you actually digest what Mr. Dunning has to share.

By the end of the video, a viewer should have a much better capability of identifying pseudoscience and hopefully learn how to apply it.

Here Be Dragons is available for free download here on Frostclick or on Mr. Dunning’s Website. Brian Dunning is also the host and producer for the Skeptoid Podcast and author of several books on the subject.

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