MMORPG fans, it is time to treat yourselves once again with an open-source game, that really nails the coffin with its gameplay, structure, playability and looks. It truly is a beauty with a bite of its own. The game is called Eternal Lands.

Being an Indie project created by Radu Privantu, it really crosses all expectations and will surely put a big grin on MMORPG fans’ faces. The game just launched the version 1.8 last year, meaning that the game was in Beta since 2003. That is one huge Beta period folks.

Though in recent times, MMO games have heated up the entire gaming scene, players are still interested in getting a slice of this one, as there are a number of features not available on the newer breed of MMO games, and that is more than a bonus in itself.

Coming to the graphical interface, one of the strongest points in the game, Eternal Lands will leave a player speechless, keeping in mind of the fact, the game has been developed and created way back in 2003. The graphics certainly do not leave you gaping when compared to the recent games, but nevertheless, it does keep one happy.

Players have full control when it comes to selecting their race, gender, and the characters appearance upon start of the game. The races in-game are: Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Orchans, Gnomes, and Draegoni (dragon people). Aside from the name of the race, nothing physically separates these races from one another. There is a bit of catch here, as players have full-access to only three races initially, the other three races, namely Gnomes, Orchan and Draegoni have to be purchased separately, which is a downside.

In-game skills are very important as they decide the course of the entire gameplay. There are a total of 12 different productive skills which should aid players in their journey. These skills include Harvesting, Engineering, Summoning, Potion-Making, Alchemy, Ranging, Crafting, Tailoring, Manufacturing, Magic, Attack and Defense.

Overall, the game is dated, but still has its own personal touch. Eternal Lands is a game that is strictly for the MMO fans and not the time-killing casual breed of gamer. Being free, it is a definite must try.

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