Learning Music Monthly came to life three years ago as a collaboration between LA based musician John Wood and a CC-friendly label Vosotros. The premise of the project was simple, yet unlike anything else that was done previously; each month John Wood would write, record, and master an album which would be than released as a part of a subscription service, a free digital download, or a $60 package that included the handmade album (including everything from bonus albums, stickers, and personalized birthday songs) to be delivered to your door. And now, after 36 albums and the amazing third season that marked the end of the project, Vosotros released equally great and free compilation featuring some of the best songs of those past 3 years.

The compilation, An End Like This, includes 37 songs handpicked from over 500 previously recorded tunes. Blogged over at the Free Music Archive the album came with some great reviews and has been archived for future listeners at the LMM official website; with every album being available for free streaming and download under the Creative Commons license (as placing any barriers on getting the music seemed to be more than counterproductive). The albums consist of a wonderful blend of folk, pop, and indie sounds with occasional influences of jazz, synth, rock, and hip-hop. John Wood is definitely one of the musicians who care about the quality of his work – something that is strongly reflected in the 50+ musicians who donated their time and talent to the project. An End Like This is definitely something worth checking out, so make sure to take those couple of minutes and browse through the musical archive.

As described by The World In A Paper Cup, Learning Music Monthly’s only consistent thread is the high quality of intent and skill put into each piece.

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