Need something fun to improve your typing skills? TuxTyping can help you do this and have a little fun to go with it as well.

In TuxTyping, you help Tux, get some fishes by typing the words falling from the sky. It’s a simple and straightforward software that can help you improve your typing skills. Of course, it’s primarily aimed for children, but who says that those young at heart can’t enjoy it as well? If you are a Linux user, then you’ll instantly recognize the main character, Tux, as the official Linux mascot.

You have words attached to fishes falling from the sky. You need to type in the words before they hit the ground as Tux gobbles up the fishes. There are several level options available for you to choose from. Pick anywhere between Space Cadet and Commander to find the best difficulty level for you. There is an option to type simple alphabets if you are still starting out, or go for whole words.

Although this educational program is quite simple, it’s a great tool to help children get started with typing. As of the moment, there is no option to edit the words yet, but developers intend to add this option soon. The program can also support different languages – even languages that are not very common around the world are included.

This software can be used to help your child or even you, if you become a better and faster typer. The sound effects, backdrops and graphics are not always the same so it won’t bore you out easily.

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