Can’t get enough of Thursday night poker with friends and family? Then why not polish up your skills and have awesome fun at the same time all throughout the week with PokerTH. This is an open source poker game created from C++/QT4.

Almost every one will agree that Texas Hold’Em is perhaps the most popular variant of poker. Thus, PokerTH gives you a chance to play this game against up to 6 computer opponents. If you don’t like playing against bots and find it too predictable, then you can easily play the game with other players all across the world. The software is available under a Windows, Linux and Mac platform, so there is no reason not to get it if you are an absolute Texas Hold’em lover.

Texas Hold’em is a very popular poker game. It takes skill and a lot of luck to play this game right. If you are looking to hone your skill in this game or you simply just want to pass the time, then playing PokerTH can definitely help.

For absolute beginners, you might want to read the info sheet or find out about the basics of Texas Hold’em before actually playing. Getting an overview will be perfect to help you understand the game easily. ┬áThe basic premise for the game goes like this. Each player is given seven cards to begin with. Players will have two cards each lying face down in front of them on the board, while there will be five exposed cards on the center. Players will need to construct their own hands depending on the card that they have as well as the card that’s on top of the board. Basically, whoever manages to construct the highest ranking hand of five cards would become the winner.

The most recent version of PokerTH is fast and easy to work with. It uses only minimal memory from your computer so you won’t have to worry about crashes or constant lagging. It is definitely a great way to learn Texas Hold’em. However, the interface could use some improvement especially when it comes to seeing the cost of the current bet.

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