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Bad Panda Records: Sampler 2010

To celebrate their 1st birthday as well as their 1 millionth (and counting) music download; Italian indie netlabel, Bad Panda Records has put together an exciting 18 track Bad Panda Records Sampler 2010, as a thank you gift to their fans and supporters. The compilation comprises of cuts from some of the most promising artists that the free music online movement has seen so far. From guitar instrumentals, electronic, folk pop and even indie new wave; this compilation puts together an eclectic mix of tracks that will satisfy any music lover's palette.

HARVEST: Underground Community

Indie alternative group that mashes girly vocals with prog-like instrumentals. Harvest's music might seem like girly indie alternative pop at first listen, but if you pay closer attention, you'll hear that there are hints of prog rock here and there. Underground Community is the latest album from Barcelona based band, Harvest. The album features 13 cleanly done and pretty likable tracks. With pretty vocals and a progressive sound, it's definitely an album worth looking into and trying out.

Tab: The Freakout Tent

One producer/multi-instrumentalits plus one vocalist/lyricist equals one atmospheric and diverse album. The Freakout Tent is the third compilation from talented producer Anitek and rap lyricist/vocalist, Tab. These two go together like butter and bread. Anitek is known as a top trip hop producer, creating varied and interesting mixes to compliment any samples and vocals overlaid on a track. On the other hand, Tab is a rapper known for his solid verses. He hardly pulls witty one liners like most MCs like to do but instead relies on the structure of his lyrics to go against or flow with Anitek's sound.

Karbidangeln Mit Aurica – Glacial Series

Glacial Series by Karbidangeln Mit Aurica is a combination of creatively powerful beats and soothing vocals. All of the tracks in Glacial Series were written and produced by Berlin-based Aurica Kurtuschin, who also lent her beautiful voice to complete this collection. Aurica’s netlabel Electrolyt describes the album tracks as, “the finest living room electronica with elements of synth pop, drone and industrial, as well as ambient, post-punk and experimental.”

Helldorados – Just Rock

Hardcore rock and roll that spells out what it means to have balls. Okay, so maybe I'm just a sucker for bands that don't take themselves too seriously, but still make fun, kickin' music. Helldorados is definitely this type of band, hence, falling for them is not very difficult. Just Rock is a compilation of 11 tracks that are as rock and roll as can be. It's a mix of late 80s glam rock, with the chant vocals, and guitar licks. Although it might not be "spectacular," the album is good fun to listen to especially if you want to pass away the time.

ED3-STUDIO e-Vibes – complex and curious electronic trance tracks

e-Vibes is a great mixture of various electronic, techno, trance and ambient tracks made by the French ED3-Studio. With 13 tracks of great variety, e-Vibes is one electronic album which would make you think that such music can really bring you to some kind of trance - in a good way. Dance, chill, and do whatever you want to do with this diverse electronic music album.