Better half of trip-hop duo Tab and Anitek makes his own statement. Instrumental music is always a little tough to judge, simply because there are no vocals or lyrics you could cry out to and criticize point blank like it’s off key, or too nasal blah blah. However, Anitek certainly changes that.

Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 1 is filled with catchy tracks. It’s more than just trip-hop, its old school rock, blues, jazz and everything in between all rolled into one beautiful sound. Anitek has had several LPs released under his name, including two other volumes for this instrumental compilation. This album is worth the listen if you want something to give you good vibes throughout the night.

Anitek is one half of trip-hop superduo Tab and Anitek. Together, their latest release Traveling in Stereo has garnered plenty of attention from music lovers worldwide. ¬†Both accomplished musicians in their own right, it’s not surprising to have half of the duo perform great music still.

Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 1 is definitely a killer, in more ways than one. Personally, I was never big on instrumental music, unless it was classical or involved complicated guitar solos. However, listening to the tracks on this one certainly changed my mind. The profound and often subtle mix of genres makes this album easy to listen to. You don’t have to try hard to like it. It’s a lot like ice cream, I mean, who doesn’t like ice cream after they’ve tried it? Okay, weird food metaphors aside; the album is a rich mixture of synth beats, acoustic instruments, samples and guitar solos (!) making this a hands down winner in my book.

Tracks that you might want to check out include Back At It, which features classic rock and roll guitar riffs and giving off that 70s “peace man” vibe, making me wonder if Jimi Hendrix’s ghost dropped by for a session. ¬†So Good, on the other hand, is pure hip hop to me sans the rapping. Its the perfect track to play while taking your convertible for a spin around the neighborhood on a gorgeous afternoon or daydream about driving a convertible at least.

Anitek has already released Vol.2 and Vol. 3 of this album. So, after checking this one out, you might want to head over and check out his other two releases as well.

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