East Baltimore emcee, The Black Sunn, vividly illustrate life’s good and bad points. GodSound is the latest offering from this talented emcee. Unlike most hip hop albums, this one resonates with positivity, but it doesn’t ignore the reality of life as well.

This is the second full length record from the rapper. With its poetic lyrics, dope beats and honest look at life; it’s definitely an album worth checking out.

In many ways, GodSound is a typical ¬†hip hop album, but in more ways than one, it’s also quite different. Armed with descriptive lyrics, beautiful rapping and awesome beats, this is one record that should be a top priority for anybody looking for cool hip hop music. Some of the standout cuts include reggae infused, Dread Man, which is my personal favorite. Its cool reggae rap vibe is relaxing and easy to listen to. Meanwhile, Maybe You’ll Understand, is an emotional, reflective track that tackles the difficult but very real subject of modern day racism. Its smooth rhythm and sweet backing vocals makes it worth listening to. B4 I Die is another soulful number that you don’t want to miss out.

Presented by 2dopeboyz, illRoots and PEDX Baltimore, this is one album you shouldn’t skip on. With a fresh, yet retro feel and intelligent lyrics, the compilation is a worthy download. Not quite sure why an awesome album like this is offered for free, but I am not complaining. If you want to support the artist though, you can go ahead and buy this record as well as other goodies from his Merch store.

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