The Feelds is actually a father and daughter duo that love to create music. For this tandem, what matters is their love for music and even though there are off beats here and there, what’s important is their passion for their craft.

We are no Heros (sic) is a beautiful and relaxing pop rock compilation that brings to mind indie pop sensation, Belle and Sebastian. A calming, melody filled album that’s worth listening to.

I’ll be honest when I first heard the song “Sing,” I initially thought that the person singing was a guy. But the more I listened to the album, the more I realized that it’s actually a raspy voiced female. Not that it matters either way, but I guess it was just weird that I thought of it that way. Nevertheless, the beautiful vocals on the songs somewhat remind me of Sarah Bettens smoky voice which is very relaxing and emotional.

We Are No Heros opens up with the uptempo cut, Sing which is a sugary guitar driven track that reminds me of a lovely drive down country. The weather’s perfect and you’re simply happy. It’s essentially a feel good track that’s hard to not like. On the other hand, It Don’t Come Easy is another personal favorite.

Although I’m not really crazy about some of the other tracks, the album does offer several great cuts that make it worthwhile. Hopefully, the band will create more beautiful albums and also provide avenues for their fans to check them out.

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