The Sleeping Tree is actually led by only person, Italian, Giulio Frausin. Leaves and Roots is a melodic, folk compilation that is perfect for quiet moments. It’s filled with sweet guitar plucking and exotically accented foreign vocals.

This acoustic folk album is about 2 years old and was originally released under netlabel 12rec. The artist projects Ben Harper and Nick Drake in some of his cuts but majority of the elements can be attributed to the artists’ melancholic, reflective sound.

If you want to take a break from a long and hectic day, you might want to have this record playing as your soundtrack.Leaves and Roots opens with the gorgeously intricate acoustic cut, Second Leaf. One thing you’ll notice instantly is the impressive guitar work that leaves you with nothing but sweet memories. The cut is enveloped in this mellow yet enchanting piece for almost two minutes. It definitely serves as a great opener for the record.

The entire album isn’t instrumental though. When Giulio does showcase his vocal work; it harmonizes and meshes perfectly with the rest of his instruments. Take a listen to Black Pearl and A Bill to get a glimpse of this. The singer’s voice is intimate and is nicely juxtaposed with the guitars. It’s prominent yet not overpowering.

To quote Musicisart, the artist “makes you want to fly on the wind with the other falling leaves, towards the unknown.” The Sleeping Tree is one album to check out if you’re feeling melancholic, reflective and laid back.

The album is available for free download under a creative commons license.

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